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Dear Church, I am preparing this on Tuesday, as I'm off on annual leave now until Monday. We're not going away, just doing a few jobs at home and spending time with family. I'm enjoying our journey through the gospel of Mark, isn't it great? It's my favourite gospel as I love the fast paced, exciting account; it always brings me back to how wonderful Jesus is and how different life is when we invite Him in. Jesus breaks every chain and brings freedom from sin! There is a wonderful graphic by Bob Caldwell on the front of the notice sheet which portrays this and can be seen by clicking here Tomorrow's service at 10.30am will include Communion and we will be continuing to serve them in individual pots for now. If you haven't been when we've used these, they are called the 'Miracle meal' and have the tiny wafer in the sealed lid then the grape juice underneath. This service will NOT be livestreamed. Every blessing, Julie Please note: Prayer for mission partners will be online 6pm on Sunday 8th August, not this Sunday.

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Sunday 18th February 2024

Praise the Lord.Praise the Lord, my soul.I will praise the Lord all my life;I will sing praise to my God as long as I live. (Psalm 146:1-2) the Sovereign Lord...will make praise spring up before all n

Saturday's News from Julie

Tomorrow we have an early service at 9am followed by refreshments - 'Mingle & Munch' - when we have a great opportunity to chat and get to know each other better. All Age Worship will start at 10.45am

Wednesday, 14th February 2024

The Thanksgiving Service for June Pye will be on Thursday, 29th February at 12.00. The prayer focus from the Eastern Baptist Association is on Blackmore Baptist Church, Essex Please click here for the

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