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Saturday's news (from Julie)

At the 10.30am service tomorrow there will also be groups for the children to go out to.

Nigel will be preaching on our Key verse.

The notice sheet can be found by CLICKING HERE and includes an extra sheet featuring the lyrics for 'Sovereign over us'. This song was sung at Fresh Streams, attended by Nigel, Dave, Richard & Frances - and felt to be very much a song for the time we are in as a church. There is a sign up sheet in the back hall to add your names against the food you can provide on Friday, 11th February for Bonnie's wake. If you wish to see the food list that is up in the hall, please CLICK HERE The hearse will be arriving at the new cemetery (next to the football ground) at 12 noon on Friday 11th, all welcome. The thanksgiving service will be at 2pm at DBC with the wake to follow. Lauren and Liam have asked that black isn't worn.

Every blessing, Julie

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