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Saturday's news from Julie

Tomorrow we have services at 9am (for Families) and 10.30am. Sunday Fishes are meeting at Toftwood and 'Worship Room' will be tomorrow evening from 6.30-8.30pm.

Please sign up on the sheets in the back hall if you can help with Alpha, which starts on 26th September, this time at Wellspring Family Church. Invitations are available at church or Green Pastures.

The lost property box (which is normally is in the annexe lobby) will be in church again tomorrow. Anything left after that will be taken to a charity shop or disposed of. If you think you may have lost something but won't be at church, please let me know and I will look.

The notice sheet for the coming week can be found by clicking here

Message about the Wreath Festival: The Wreath Festival will be held this year on Thursday, Friday and Saturday 7th, 8th, 9th December 10-4 For the Christmas Wreath Festival to continue after this year we need someone to take over Lyn's role which consists of:

Booking dates for Church availability

Emailing schools/local clubs/charities/organisations in September.

Receiving email replies and responding (we have a Wreath Festival email account)

Receiving phone call enquiries and responding

Organising welcomers to Festival/Refreshments teams/craft teams for the Saturday for children's wreath making tables.

Being at the Church the day before Festival 2pm till 8pm to receive wreaths. They will need to be hung ready for next day.

Being at the Church the Monday following the festival 2pm till 8pm for people to pick up their wreaths.

This will be Lyn's last year, our 5th, so would be nice to continue. Anyone interested could work along side Lyn this year and then take over for next year.

The Christmas Wreath Trail around the towns shops and businesses during the month of December will continue with Lyn, Sandy and June organising that.

Anyone interested in helping in anyway please come along to our meeting on Tues morning, 11.30am or contact Lyn Message from Keith Mersh: Were you on the May / June evening Hope Explored course? If you have any unmarked HE Guest or Leaders Manuals, or Luke's Gospels which you do not need, to save on resources, could you kindly return to the church office ? Additionally, do you have a video player that you no longer need and could donate to the church for use on daytime Hope Explored courses in the Hub? Blessings and thanks Keith

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Saturday's News from Julie

Tomorrow we have an early service at 9am followed by refreshments - 'Mingle & Munch' - when we have a great opportunity to chat and get to know each other better. All Age Worship will start at 10.45am

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