Sunday 16th January 2021

This morning, having introduced our key verse at last week's covenant services, we are going to be looking deeper into it to see what it might have to say to us in 2022. We'll be considering the context in the story of Ezra (especially chapters 7 & 8), in order to determine what it means for us to have the hand of the Lord our God on us. What difference does that make for us day by day, and how might it cause us to take courage? The service is at 10.30am, and if you are unable to come along this morning, but would like to watch it on livestream, then please CLICK HERE. Then, this evening at 7.30pm, we have a prayer meeting for the work of our Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre. This will happen on Google Meet and can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. Please do join us if you can, as your presence will be a great encouragement and blessing to Morgan, our Centre Manager. If you are unable to, then please set time aside to pray for the work using THIS PRAYER SHEET.

Richard Cracknell also produces some prayer topics every other week, so that we can approach God in a focussed way together. You can access these byCLICKING HERE.As always, thank you for your prayers. Finally, I just wanted to say thank you to the church for enabling Elaine and me, along with Dave and Beckie, to attend the Fresh Streams conference earlier this week. The conference provides such a good opportunity for us to engage with God, and it is always a time of refreshing and renewal. We feel very blessed to be serving at a church who are willing to invest in us and help us to grow in our ministry. Thank you. Nigel


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