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Sunday 20th March 2022

How much do we connect with those around us? In my varied life in Christian ministry I have often found myself living in a 'Christian bubble', meaning that my connection with those outside the church was generally limited to 'ministry' rather than simply doing life. Some of you who read this have a place of work which causes a lot of connections in this 'outside' way but others might just visit their church friends and not others. Today's service is all about connecting with others and our preacher has a fair amount of experience in this field. The service today will be at 10.30am and our preacher is Sam Abramian from Hunstanton.

Little Fishes will be meeting at Toftwood but there are also children and youth activities available at church during the service. The aim is for today's service to be live streamed so hopefully the link will be ready shortly (see separate email)

At 7.30pm via Google Meet there is 'Prayer for the work of CAP' for which the link can be found here and the prayer points accessed by clicking here

We have the opportunity to stand with our partner church in Aksakovo to help the Ukrainian refugees that arrive in Bulgaria by donating money. Please make sure you mark it clearly when paying by BACS or by cash (in an envelope). Last day today.

Nigel and Elaine's son Josh gets married to Linzi today in Wales. Pray that they have a blessed day.

Love and Blessings,



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