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Wednesday 8th February 2023

There is a Prayer & Prophecy meeting at church tonight; 7-8pm. Please come if you can - everything we do is underpinned by prayer to our Father in heaven. You don't have to be "good at it", God sees the heart and longs for us just to come to spend time in His presence.

If you missed Nigel preaching on Sunday and would like to hear the sermon, it can be found on our website ( under 'downloads' or on the phone line 01362 709389.

The prayer focus from the Eastern Baptist Association is on Bowthorpe Church in Norwich. Please click here for the prayer points.

The next 'Breakfast 2 Gather' in on 19th February. This is a great opportunity to bring along a friend or ask someone you don't know well to meet you there! Click on this link to book in, or email or ring me and I'll book you in.

Just a reminder from last week's notice sheet that we have been asked by the Ukraine Aid Centre to set up a prayer area in the centre on February 24th to mark the start of the war in Ukraine. I do need people to be there to pray with, and talk to people in the morning from 10-1 and it would be lovely to do just an hour each if we had enough people. They are advertising 'candle lighting' from 12.15 at the centre then a tree planting ceremony at 1pm in the Ellenor Fenn Garden, so more people around 12.15 - 1pm would be helpful too. Dave Ward, Keith Mersh & Thiago Hernandez have kindly offered to pray over the prayer requests in the box, at 2.30pm.

Blessings, Julie


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