Church Open for Asymptomatic Covid-19 Testing Monday – Friday 10-6

The church is being used by Breckland Council, Monday – Friday 10am to 6pm for the next two weeks and is open to anyone without symptoms of Covid-19 to be tested, free of charge. No pre- booking required, all welcome.


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I hope this email finds you well. Due to being a bit stuck at home because of my back I've managed to do a video for you all today. It carries on our theme of 'prayer' looking at some steps to hear Go

This morning we have a service for Families at 9am with refreshments followed by a 10.30am service after which refreshments will also be served. At 5.30pm we have a time of Prayer for our Mission Part

The Ukraine Support Hub at church on a Friday has closed due to the success of the Ukraine Aid Centre on a Friday 10-4pm resulting in falling numbers. It was definitely been a blessing to the Ukrainia