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He is risen!

He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.

Matthew 28:6

At dawn on the first Easter Sunday morning, the women went to look at the tomb, and soon discovered the day was a happy day - in fact, it was the happiest of happy days! Today, we remember and celebrate that glorious day, and, just as the ladies did, we begin at dawn - 5.45am to be precise, when we will gather on Neatherd Moor for our short, but very special, sunrise service. With this in mind, I've set this email to arrive an hour early at 5am in the hope that your phone will ping and wake you up! If you do come along, then just head east from the small car park off Crown Road and you'll soon find us. For all who manage to get there, you are welcome to join us for an Easter breakfast back at DBC, which will include communion.

Following that, at 10.30am, you are all welcome to join us for our all-age Easter Celebration. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to worship and thank Jesus, and to be reminded of the truth of his resurrection and what it means for us today. Hopefully we'll see you there - it'll be great to celebrate with you.

Elaine and I were really impressed with the Passion Play in Norwich yesterday. It was fantastic to see the story of the death and resurrection of Jesus enacted in front of a large crowd in the town centre. It was very moving and was hopefully really impactful to all those who watched on.

The prayer topics for the coming week can be found byclicking here.Many thanks again to Richard Cracknell for putting these together for us.

Have a wonderful Easter Sunday everyone!



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