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Livestreaming Sunday

Dear Church,

Welcome to our Live Stream Service email. Lots of boxes to look at in today’s email filled with information so please do scroll through them.

If you happen to be asking the question as to why we are not back in the building on Sundays now, the main factor is that we need enough helpers for the service to take place. Covid restrictions mean that we need sufficient people to steward etc as well as people for the sound and video desks. Currently we need more help. If this is something you could do then please let Julie know – thank you.

In today’s service we begin to unpack how we move forward as a church coming out of lockdown. We start with praising God and trusting in him where we are now and then look to see how we can join in with his missional heart for our community. We will be spending some weeks looking into this, focussing on Psalm 146. To watch / join in today’s service, PLEASE CLICK HERE

As part of today’s sermon, I mention a type of prayer called the Examen. In the sermon I don’t go into much detail about it but if it’s something you might like to have a look at then you will find the 24/7version of it if you CLICK HERE Speaking of prayer, in the blue box Jessica invites you to join in with others in our prayer and prophesy evening – more details later on in the week.

After today’s service we will be having Zoom coffee and Chat – see the box below. We also have a number of gardens open for the following weekend. If you’d like to spend time with your church family then please do have a look at the green box at the bottom of this email.

Hallelujah! O my soul, praise God! All my life long I’ll praise God, singing songs to my God as long as I live.

Psalm 146:1-2 (The Message)




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