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Ministers' Midweek email - from Julie!

There will be a Prayer & Prophecy meeting tonight in church at 7pm, all welcome.

ESOL restarts today at 5.30-7.30pm so please pray for the teachers and the people coming who want to improve their English as a second language.

There will be an aboutDereham meeting at DBC on 20th July 7.30pm at which Keith Mersh has been asked to speak. Is anyone willing to prepare and serve refreshments, or operate the PowerPoint presentation? Please speak to Julie if you would.

As a reminder, on 24th July we will be meeting at Letton Hall instead of having our Sunday service at the DBC church buiding. It will be an outside service and involve a picnic afterwards. We will have opportunities to gather, worship, pray and play together in these wonderful grounds.

The Eastern Baptist Association prayer focus this week is on Willingham Baptist Church in Cambridgeshire.. Please click here for the prayer points.

If you are willing to help with refreshments to run alongside the Dencora Fun Day on Saturday, 27th August, please let Julie know. If you've already offered in person please remind me again! Dave's sermon from Sunday 10th July is on the phone line - 01362 709389. Message from Jessica: Bible Book Club If you love reading the bible and would like to go deeper, or have read very little of the bible and would like to make a start, this is the group for you! We plan to meet every two or three weeks in the autumn, studying John's gospel together. Our meetings will include teaching sessions and group chats over a cuppa, discussing what we have read and how God has been speaking to us through His word. The aim is to have fun as we learn more about God by studying His word, and to grow in our faith as we put it into practice. If you are interested please let me know ( I'm thinking of meeting on either Thursday evenings 6.30-8pm or possibly Thursday afternoons 3.30-5pm, depending on people's preferences. The first of the 5 sessions would be on 15th September. Blessings, Julie


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