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Saturday's News from Julie

Tomorrow we have All Age Worship at 10.30am when Graham & Helen Neale will be leading the service. Nigel is preaching at Wisbech.

The First Friday men's group are meeting at the Gemini in Sandy Lane on Friday September 1, 7.30pm. If you're interested in more information about the evening and men's work generally please contact Ian Clarke on 07711 446055 or email We have a WhatsApp group we can add you to if you'd like.

We have some Health & Safety Training on Thursday, 14th September at church 7pm - 9.30pm. If possible, at least one member from each group that meets at church is asked to attend.

Kidz Klub will be running a free, faith-filled club for primary aged children at DBC on the 3rd Saturday of each month 10am - 12 noon (although the first session will be on 23rd September due to prior booking in the church) Flyers are available at church.

Advance notice of the church meeting for Members on Sunday 15th October. This will include leadership elections so we would ask that all members would begin to pray about who God might be asking them to approach for nomination. Last date for nominations is September 24th. Please speak to me for more information.

The notice sheet for the coming week can be found by clicking here

Please note, the office will be closed on Monday.

The back gate from the church garden to the bins has had to be padlocked due to someone using the garden for their dog to defecate in - and not clearing it up! The padlock key is hanging in the kitchen cupboard which houses the First Aid kit. Please replace the padlock and put the key back on its hook when you take rubbish to the bins.

The cleaning cupboard key is also held in there should you need anything.

Apologies! In Wednesday's email I said the Windmill event that Morgan would like help with was on Saturday 2nd .... it is actually on the Sunday (3rd September). Please let Morgan know if you can help.




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