Sunday 10th July 2022


Today we have our 9am Families Service where we will be exploring the 'theme of the day' together, enjoying time around tables, snacks, craft activities and some dancing (actions) to worship songs...all packed into 45 minutes.

After this, we have our 10.30 service which has had a last-minute change due to Nigel being ill - he has Covid. Please do pray for him and Elaine for a quick recovery. As a result of this, I (Dave) will be preaching instead.

Also, we will have the joy of meeting our new BMS Link Missionary, Holly. We'll be supporting Holly as she heads off soon to her first posting in Guinea and so we will be hearing from her during the service, in order to get to know her better and to hear what lies ahead for her.

This morning we will again be mentioning our Thrive groups, which are groups of 3-5 people who meet regularly to read the bible and pray together. If you want further details about Thrive, then pleaseCLICK HERE.This sheet will also be available at church this morning. If you are interesting in being part of a group, then please contact Elaine or Nigel.

Finally, just wanted to let you know that Dencora, who own the land and the shops behind the church, are putting on a special family fun day in the Ellenor Fenn Garden on 27th August. They have contacted the church to see whether we might be willing to offer drinks (and toilets!) to those who engage with the event. If you are willing to be involved with making this happen, then please let Julie know. Thank you.


Dave (& Nigel, as he wrote some of this email before I changed it)


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