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Sunday 14th August

We continue our August series on Courageous Moments this morning as we look at the story of Jonathan and his armour bearer in 1 Samuel 14:1-15. Perhaps you'd like to give it a read before you come. The service will begin at 10.30am and our Youth and Children's programme for this week will be led by Graham & Helen Neale along with Ian Gardner. The service won't be livestreamed and refreshments will be served at the end.

Following that, in the afternoon from 2-4pm, Paul and Barbara Yaxley will be hosting our second Open Garden. We had a wonderful time with Richard and Eileen Fisher last week - thank you so much to them - and all are invited to join us for a drink with some no doubt delicious (no pressure Barbara!) appurtenances (great word - look it up!) We still have no host for the following Sunday (21st) so if you would be willing to open your garden for that, please do let us know.


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