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Sunday 16th October

Give ear and come to me;

listen, that you may live.

I will make an everlasting covenant with you,

my faithful love promised to David.

Isaiah 55:3

At 9am this morning, we have another of our monthly 'Breakfast 2 Gather' events at DBC. We're sure that it will be a really special time, just as it was last month. We have 25 signed up, but we have capacity for more than that going forward, so if you've missed out this time, perhaps you could sign up for November.

Following that is our morning service at 10.30am and I'm delighted to say that it will include the dedication of Destiny Bash. We will also be hearing from the local Town Pastors about how their important work is going and how you might be able to get involved. The passages for today are 1 Samuel 20-23, which you've hopefully found time to read during the week. If not, we'll be focussing in particular on chapter 20 this morning, so you might want to have a read of that before you come.

Then, this evening at 7.30pm, it's the prayer meeting for the work of our Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre. The meeting will happen via 'Google Meet' and all are welcome to join us. Please CLICK HERE for the prayer meeting points and for the link. If you aren't able to join us, then please do pray through the points when you have the opportunity.

Finally, Richard Cracknell has kindly written our shared Prayer Topics for the coming week.PLEASE CLICK HEREto access them. Thank you for your prayers.



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