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Sunday 17th July 2022

Today, Little Fishes Sunday is taking place from 10am at Toftwood Village Hall, and at DBC from 10.30am we are continuing our series on prayer. Anita is leading and Ian G is preaching on "Praying for Others", so I'm sure it's going to be a great morning. Neither Dave nor I are clear of COVID yet, so we won't be out today, but the beauty of our fantastic team is that both services will run just as well in our absence ('better' you say? There's just no need for that!) Thank you to the team - and thanks too to Mark, who will be overseeing today's livestream, which will enable the ministers to engage with the service online. If you are also not able to be there, then please click here to join in from home.

At 7.30pm tonight there is a time of prayer for the work of CAP (Christians Against Poverty) which will be via Google Meet

CLICK HERE for the prayer topics from Richard Cracknell for the coming week.

Next Sunday, 24th July, we have another opportunity to gather together at Letton Hall to worship, which will replace the service in our building. It will begin at 10.30am and will finish at 2pm. Please bring something to sit on, a camping gazebo if you'd like shelter - and a picnic (this is NOT a 'bring and share' but please be prepared to share your picnic if some arrive without food. Thank you.)


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