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Sunday 4th September 2022

There is no one holy like the Lord;

there is no one besides you;

there is no Rock like our God. 1Samuel 2:2 (part of Hannah's praise-prayer)

Today we are starting our new series on the book of 1 Samuel. Each week we will be covering a few chapters and we would encourage you to read them, as we progress through it, so you know where we are in the story and that you come a little prepared. This week we will be looking at the first 3 chapters, but today, specifically focussing on chapter 1.

Our service is at 10.30am which will include family Communion (children / young people stay in for it) and will also be livestreamed. The link can be found by CLICKING HERE

Nigel and Elaine are away this Sunday.

Love and Blessings,


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