Sunday 6th March 2022

Such confidence we have through Christ before God. 2 Corinthians 3:4 This morning, following on from our recent reflections on our key verse, we're starting a 4-week series looking at God's call on us, from Isaiah 28:23-26, to not just break ground, but to sow seed. This Sunday, we're thinking about Confidence, and that will be followed by Compassion, Connecting, and Conversion. The service will include communion, which we'll be having early on in order to include our children and young people. We'll then serve the refreshments before the youngsters go to their groups, rather than at the end. This is to give opportunity for us to have some time to engage with one another, and to sign up for our Prayer Week, which starts at noon today. This means that the service, which will be livestreamed here, won't finish until around 12.15pm. The Prayer Week will run until next Saturday evening, and is taking place in the room behind the Green Pastures Community Hub, which has been beautifully set up to enable you to spend precious time alone with the Lord (see photograph below). Thank you to our fantastic team who have worked hard to get this ready for us. All the info you need about how it will work in practice will be available at church this morning, or you can access it byCLICKING HERE. There are still plenty of empty slots, and it would be so wonderful to get them all filled. We long that as many of you as possible grasp this opportunity, so perhaps this is a moment for you to take courage and go for it. I believe it will be a great blessing to you.

Then, in the evening from 5.30pm, it is the Mission Prayer Meeting, at which we pray for all our mission partners around the world. I'm sure we'll also be taking the opportunity to cry out to God about the current crisis in Ukraine. All of you are welcome to join us - just pitch up at DBC and you'll be made very welcome. Nigel


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