Wednesday 10th November - Riots??

He leads me beside quiet waters...

Psalm 23:2b

How has God been leading you this year? Do you remember our key verse for this year? It's from Song of Solomon 2:4 "Let him lead me to the banqueting hall and let his banner over me be love" Have you known this to be true for you this year? Have you struggled with this? If you have any testimony around this verse, do let us know.

Today's message is a further look at Mark 14, specifically the opening two verses where the pharisees are scheming to capture Jesus stealithy rather than publicly so they do not cause a riot. To watch it PLEASE CLICK HERE. This one is under 9 minutes (not sure how I managed that)

The Eastern Baptist Association prayer focus this week is for Harston Baptist Church. Please CLICK HERE for the prayer points.

Just a reminder that the Prayer & Prophecy group meet at church tonight at 7pm - all welcome. May God continue to lead you in paths of righteousness May you know the Spirit's guiding hand on your life May you know the companionship of Christ as you walk the path with him. Love and Blessings, Dave


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