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Wednesday 14th June 2023

The Prayer & Prophecy meeting will be at church tonight at 7pm - all welcome.

Don't forget Breakfast 2 Gather at 9am on Sunday - all are welcome. Please book in byclicking on this linkor by ringing me on 01362 695221. (Please note; the answerphone is not working)

If you missed the sermon from Nigel on Sunday, you can watch byclicking here

It is on our YouTube channel and on our Dereham Baptist Church Facebook page.

The audio recording is on the website under 'downloads' and on the phone line (01362 709389).

The description of God's mercy Nigel read out in the service, which was based on a daily devotion from Charles Spurgeon, can be accessed byCLICKING HERE.

Also, there is a great song by Aaron Keyes that you might want to use as you continue to respond to the message on Sunday. You can access that on YouTube by CLICKING HERE.

The prayer focus from the Eastern Baptist Association is on West Leigh Baptist Church in a part of the city of Southend-on-Sea. Pleaseclick herefor the prayer points.

There will be a food hygiene course for all food preparers relating to church life (including Community lunches, Saturday evening congregation, Little Fishes, Sunday Fishes, Coffee Shop, Sunday refreshments, special events etc) onTuesday 20th June at 7pm. Pleaseclick here to book in.




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