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Wednesday 6th July 2022

I hope this email finds you well.

As per the tradition, this is the mid-week information email containing lots of interesting things. To start with, if you missed the sermon on Sunday, you can watch Jessica's sermon on 'Repentance' by clicking here.

It is also on the phone line 01362 709389 if you know of anyone who would appreciate being able to listen by phone.

Near the bottom of this email you will find opportunities to be a blessing to others in the message from Elaine. Please have a read and consider how you can be blessed by blessing others.

As a reminder, on 24th July we will be meeting at Letton Hall instead of having our Sunday service at the DBC church buiding. It will be an outside service and involve a picnic afterwards. We will have opportunities to gather, worship, pray and play together in these wonderful grounds.

The Eastern Baptist Association prayer focus this week is on New Growth Ministry in Colchester. Please click here for the prayer points.

May the God who gives endurance and encouragement give you the same attitude of mind toward each other that Christ Jesus had,so that with one mind and one voice you may glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Message from Elaine Bayley:

Hi everyone,

Since we've been able to gather more coming out of the pandemic, we have tried to create times for fellowship by serving refreshments, particularly after church on a Sunday. I have tried to arrange it so that we have different teams taking responsibility for each Sunday of the month. So far, we have 3 teams and it would be hugely helpful to have more help for the 3rd & 4th Sundays. Please have a think if you are willing to commit to this. Obviously when people are away, they can swap with each other and, as a friend and I were just discussing, it's a really nice thing to be involved in. I can help you with knowing how to use the coffee machine and dishwasher, both of which are very straightforward! Please do speak to me ASAP if you are willing and able to join in with this. Some months I find myself in the kitchen on three Sundays, and I'd really love more opportunities to chat to people.

Regarding hospitality in our church, Christine Taylor and I have had to step back from taking full responsibility due to other commitments, but you will see that we are both still involved. We both have plans to host new events for the church but these will also need teams to help make them happen. We're inspired and excited about these but we can't do them on our own! We already have two more opportunities!

Our Letton event is coming up on the 24th July, and I'd love some help to serve tea/coffee and refreshments mid-morning. Also, we need around 6-8 traybakes, so would the bakers amongst us be willing to provide these?

Then in September, I'm really keen to start a new monthly breakfast time before one of our services, and am hoping to build a team to help make this happen. Please do speak to me for more info on this if it is something that interests you.

I love our church at DBC. The image of the body of Christ is one I find most helpful. A group of believers all connected with different parts to play

Please contact me or speak to me when you see me.


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