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Saturday's news (from Julie)

It is Kelly and James' wedding today at 11am. There will be a wedding postbox for cards in the church this morning which will be taken to the reception.

Tomorrow we have a 10.30am service which will include Communion. This service will NOT be livestreamed.

The notice sheet for next week can be accessed by clicking here

At the church meeting everyone who was nominated got voted in:

Re-elected: Deacon Mark Cockbill, Deacon/ Church Secretary Frances Cracknell, Deacon Ian Clarke

Elected: Deacon Paul Taylor Elder Christine Taylor & Elder Anita Clarke

Also at the meeting Lynne Birks shared an email from her daughter who works for Biblica that said that a new Bible app that they had produced in the Ukrainian language has been very well received - previously they had only had Bibles in Russian! They hope to roll out hard copies as soon as possible. If you wish to find out more please CLICK HERE

Ukrainian refugees - Dereham should be receiving some Ukrainians soon and from 22nd April the church will be open on a Friday between 4 - 6pm with an invitation for the guests and their hosts to come for a cup of tea/coffee and chat to others. Hopefully relationships will be forged and support given as we discover what their needs are and it is hoped that eventually we could provide a meal during this time. Please support this venture and if you have any ideas as we move forward please let me know.



Message from Jessica:

The Keys to Freedom Course will be starting again on Wednesday evenings from 27th April. It's an 8 week discipleship course focusing on developing our relationship with God. The material we work through, produced by Mercy UK, is excellent. I will be available on Sundays if you would like more details and will leave a handout on the table by the church entrance. Alternatively please feel free to phone me.

Jessica Kirkham


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Saturday's News from Julie

Tomorrow we have an early service at 9am followed by refreshments - 'Mingle & Munch' - when we have a great opportunity to chat and get to know each other better. All Age Worship will start at 10.45am

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