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Saturday's news - from Julie

Tomorrow we have a service at 10.30am which will include Communion. Keith Mersh will be preaching on the 'Breath of Life'.

Prayer for our Mission Partners will be held at Nigel & Elaine's at 5.30pm

One of our Mission Partners, will be returning permanently to the UK in mid October. Currently, there is uncertainty regarding her accommodation, which may mean she could have a short term need on her return. She is working on a number of ideas to resolve this. However, if anyone thinks they could assist if needed, could you please contact Ian Gardner. Thank you.

Please sign up on the sheets in the back hall if you can help with Alpha, which starts on 26th September, this time at Wellspring Family Church. Consider who you could invite! Invitations are available at church or Green Pastures.

The wedding blessing of S & L will be held in the church tomorrow afternoon; please pray for all those involved, all the guests and for the happy couple.

The lost property box (which is normally is in the annexe lobby) will be in church for the next two Sundays. Anything left after that will be taken to a charity shop or disposed of. If you think you may have lost something but won't be at church, please let me know and I will look.

The notice sheet for the coming week can be found by clicking here

Please remember that on Wednesday, 6th September, there is another joint prayer meeting with Wellspring, this time 7pm at DBC.




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