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Sunday 20th November 2022

O God, do not remain silent;

do not turn a deaf ear,

do not stand aloof, O God. Psalm 83:1

Have you ever been in that position when God is quiet, like Asaph writes in Psalm 83:1 (above)? Well, today we conclude our series in 1 Samuel where we will explore the agony of God's silence a little. The chapters for this week are 28-31 with particular focus on 28:3-25

Prayer Week starts today! There are still some blank sign-up spaces so please do have a look and, if you are able, spend some time on your own or with others praying for our community.

The church meeting for members will be at 3pm today. Elaine has organised tea / coffee to be available if you do not fancy going home between the service and the meeting.

Immediately after the church meeting we will have our time of prayer for the work of Christians Against Poverty (CAP), so please feel free to stay on and pray for this fantastic venture.

I have my accreditation interviews on Monday and Tuesday. Please do pray for me. Then, after Little Fishes on Wednesday morning I will be taking the rest of the week as some retreat time.

May you know God's Rich Blessings,

Much Love,



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