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Saturday's News (from Julie)

I hope you are being encouraged to see the uses of 'My Churchsuite'. Tomorrow, if you'd like to bring in your device (phone or tablet), we can help you after the service to download the app and be able to login to see the details quickly and easily. This doesn't mean all your information is available to anyone. Just as the 'hard copy' directory was, it is only available to those who belong to this church - and you are in control of how much of your information can be seen by others in the congregation, although I would encourage everyone to load a photo and give at least one way of contacting each other. The 'happy to be asked' form went out in the week - thanks to everyone who has completed it so far. Please CLICK HERE if you haven't done it yet.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Just Giving account to help Lauren & Liam or given a marked envelope to the church office. If you haven't had chance to do this yet there is still time. Please go to the link by CLICKING HERE. or put your envelope (clearly marked) in the offering box tomorrow. If you would like to print out at home the beautiful artwork that Beckie Ward did for the Key Verse for 2022 please CLICK HERE The notice sheet includes 'What's on' in church next week and can be found by CLICKING HERE Blessings,



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