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Saturday's News from Julie

The burial service for Ruth Pimentel (family and close friends only) will be on Monday 15th May at 9.30am and the Thanksgiving Service at DBC will be at 2pm on the 15th.

The notice sheet can be read by clicking here

The Saturday evening Youth sleepover in church is now next weekend, 5th & 6th May.

Tomorrow there will be a service at 10.30am and the Dereham Churches Together Prayer & Fellowship service will be held at The Salvation Army at 6pm.

Please let me know if you're willing to help on Dereham Day (13th May). There is a sign up sheet in the back hall. There will be lots of exciting things going on and 'Dereham Churches Together' is listed as one of those!

Lyn Milns is arranging her last Wreath Festival this December and hopes someone will take on this very popular festival in 2024. She is also stepping back from her years of work with the youth on the Rec (see last week's email for more details). If anyone is being called by God to take up either of these batons, please see Lyn.

Also, Pat and Mike Farmer are stepping down from creating (along with others), maintaining and changing the banners in the church, after 17 years of wonderful work. We are very grateful for their commitment and creativity. If anyone feels that they could organise a team to do this, please let me know.

Next Sunday at 5.30pm we have our time of prayer for our Mission Partners.

Blessings, Julie Message from Elaine Bayley: These days hope often feels hard to come by. But real hope is what the Christian faith claims to offer: a joyful expectation for the future, bases on true events in the past, which changes everything about my present.

Rico Tice has produced a great 3 week course looking at Hope, Peace & Purpose. Will you consider joining us as we host this for the first time?

Speak to Andy Keats, Sheila Keats, Paul Taylor, Keith Mersh, Nigel or me for more info.

Reminder to donate - and pray for Matt & Paul Our North Breckland Youth for Christ Megametre May fundraiser is kicking off soon. Please help us by donating some kilometres, and fundraising (you get a special North Breckland gift for raising over £250) or please donate to us at Matt Ingle & Paul Roast

Update from Kezia Savage: First, my apologies on the delay to update this prayer chain, but I thought I would come back here when I had something concrete to actually say. It is with great happiness I update this prayer chain. I have received the first offer for my two job interviews.

I thank GOD first for all his love and care for me and my family and second my Brothers and Sisters in Christi for their prayers. I am over the moon with this news. it is exactly the trust (Kings Lynn) I wanted to work for. I am still waiting for NNUH results, but they always have been just my plan B, because of the close distance they are from me.

At Wellspring , Thursday 11th May:


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