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Sunday 22nd May 2022

Today we have the more reflective Early Service at 9am, followed by the All Age Worship at 10.30am. Refreshments will be served between the two services. A reminder that Prayer & Prophecy will be via Google Meet on Wednesday and the link can be found by clicking here

Request for an artist - message from Elaine:

I wonder whether any of our artists amongst us could help me with something? We have been working at creating a space dedicated to prayer. A quiet place to seek the Lord, to cry out to Him, to listen to Him. We feel so privileged to have our Prayer Room at the back of Green Pastures Hub and I would really love to include Psalm 23 somehow. The whole text not just an illustration. Is anyone keen to share their gifts in this way? It would be a wonderful addition to the room and a great blessing, I'm sure.

Do get in touch with Elaine Bayley if you can help.

Every blessing, Julie

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