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Wednesday 29th March 2023

The sermon from Lance Birks (Sunday's Early Service) can be watched by clicking here

The sermon is also on the phone line (01362 709389), on YouTube, on the DBC website and Facebook.

If anyone is considering church membership, please chat to one of the leadership to find out more details.

There is NO Bible Book Club on Thursday (so the last one was last week).

You can download and/or print the Lent readings for the week by clicking here

There are also paper copies in the church office.

The prayer focus from the Eastern Baptist Association is on Carleton Rode Baptist Church in South Norfolk. Please click here for the prayer points.

On Saturday April 1st there is a Thanksgiving service for North Breckland Youth for Christ at St Nicholas Church 7-8.30pm followed by refreshments.

Is anyone willing to cook a simple bacon bap breakfast (and vegetarian alternative) for people who attend the Sunrise Service on Easter Day? Please let me know.

We need someone to train how to act as an Appointed Person at a wedding ceremony. Christine Dove is the only person in the church now and if she wasn't available, the wedding couldn't go ahead. Please speak to me if you're willing to do this, or speak to Christine to find out what is involved.

If you know of anyone who needs a walker, please let me know as Richard & Jenny Shand have one they no longer require.


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