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Wednesday 5th January 2022

May you know the Lord's deep joy this year.

Our 2022 verse of the year comes from the book of Ezra. It's found as part of Ezra 7:28, Because the hand of the Lord my God was on me, I took courage... Encouraging verse, isn't it. Yet 2021 has been a difficult year for many and as we go into 2022 there is a mixture of joy and sorrow amongst us. However, in Christ there is always hope. The end of Ezra chapter 3 talks of joy and weeping mixed together. Joy for the new and weeping for the loss of the old. In today's message I have a look at earlier on in Chapter 3 (verses 1-6) when the priests rebuild the alter to re-establish a place of worship for the people. They had the opportunity for a new start. We also have this opportunity. Let's take it. To listen to this message, please CLICK HERE.

This coming Sunday we have a 9am Families Service (Service for families) as well as our 10.30 service. Both services will include communion and involve the opportunity to renew our covenant together. To view the words before the service so you know what you're agreeing to (always a good idea) please click on this following link:Covenant Link

Love and Blessings, Dave

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